DS Solutions

DS Solutions

Running an election is a challenging job. And with constantly evolving processes and requirements, keeping up can be incredibly stressful. DS Solutions helps make specialized election officials’ jobs easier with diversified and innovative election services and products.

Since 2005, we’ve worked with election administrators to provide tools that help simplify the task of meeting vigorous election demands. We’re a trusted and experienced partner in election services and have worked with more than 350 elections officials throughout the Upper Midwest and, increasingly, throughout the country.

Our tools and services include:

Pre-Marked Test Deck – A fully marked set of ballots, the Pre-Marked Test Deck fulfills state-specific testing requirements for testing various voting systems. It’s marked in compliance with state guidelines, and every ballot is labeled with the word TEST and numbered for easy reference.

Test Deck Edit List – Commonly referred to as tally sheets, audit reports, or test grids, these ballot-style-specific lists are in the form of an Excel™ workbook. Edit Lists can easily be printed and used as a guide for marking your test decks or as a complement to the Pre-Marked Test Deck ballots.

Election Night Reporting Application – A robust, detailed web reporting application, ENRA allows municipalities to display overall results, precinct reporting and voter turnout percentages – without placing an additional burden on their already-busy staff.

Election Supplies – We offer a full range of products and supplies for managing elections, from voting stations to voting equipment supplies.

To find out how our election services can help you administer your growing and ever-changing election needs, please contact us by e-mailing Shelly at shellya@ds-elections.com or by calling 320.260.6788.